Friday, December 18, 2009

Daddy's B-day and Jessie's Concert

Once again I feel like I have so many things to blog about and different events to remember, but today I'm choosing two. Jeremy's birthday was last Sunday so here is a shot from our yummy dessert and present time.This next one is one of the boys together on Jer's birthday.
Jessie had a little concert at her school. They sang three Christmas songs and then the favorite song of the class. The first video is "Rulodph the Red Nosed Reindeer" and the second one is called "Watermelon Pie."

Joseph had a great concert too, but I wasn't able to get a good enough video at his. We did get to go to his class afterward and have cookies and juice though and that was fun.

This last picture is one of Joseph and Jessie last Sunday after church. They decided to dress their animals in their own clothes. I thought they looked so cute together!Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Time!

We had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving. We watched the Macey Day Parade, we cooked, we played, we had friends over for WAY TOO MUCH food, we went sledding and we had a fun relaxing evening together as a family. Here are some photos of our evening together.

Grandma B. sent us a fun recipe for Pilgrim hats so we spent some time making these delicious little treats to start our evening off just right.

Here is a shot of the kids at the half way point on our hats.
For entertainment while we waited for the chocolate to harden we video taped the kids singing songs. This is one of their songs. While we DEFINITELY do NOT proclaim to be the Osmonds or the Vontrapp Family Singers we sure had fun performing!!

And finally... the finished product!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catch Up!

I never even posted anything about Jessie's 5th birthday! Poor Jessie. She actually is the ONLY one that had three parties this year so it isn't all sad. We had a family party a week before her birthday because Jeremy was gone on her actual birthday. We celebrated again on her birthday and she had a party with her friends after Jeremy got back into town.
Jessie got exactly what she wanted for her birthday, a dalmatian (even though it isn't real) and the Hannah Montana cd. She danced with the high school cheer leaders to a song on the cd and she wanted it sooo bad. I think the kids listened and danced to that song 10 times that night.

Here is Jessie wearing the new ski goggles Jeremy bought for her. Could she be any closer to the TV? I don't know what the kids will do when we actually get the TV up off of the ground!I think she stayed there like that for about 15 minutes. She had some nice goggle impressions when she did finally take them off:)
When your kids are in the bathroom for a long time and you're not sure why...they could be wrapping each other with toilet paper to make mummies! Jessie came running downstairs and told me to bring the camera because she had made Janie a "mommy!" When I saw her I just had to laugh. She was wrapped more than this, but by the time I snapped the shot she had lost some of her rags!Joseph stuck this bunny in Jace's jacket tonight to entertain him while we were eating dinner and asked me to take a picture. Jace was quite happy with that bunny there. I had a hard time getting a picture because he was jumping around like a crazy man!I don't know how I got them both to smile so big at the same time, but I am in LOVE with those two little toothless grins!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is Janie's favorite song of late. We have to sing it every night before we go to bed.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We experienced our first COLD Halloween ever!! We took the kids trick or treating in the car. We'd drive up to a house, jump out, knock, get our candy, and run back to the car and drive to the next house. It was quite a site to see that everyone else was doing the same thing. We'd drive up to a house and three cars behind us would stop at the same house. A whole crowd of kids would all go up to the house at the same time. I have never been trick or treating when it was just 3 degrees, but now I can say it wasn't too bad. We only visited about 10 houses, but the kids had fun anyway. I think next year we will dress up as Eskimos. The kids had hats, gloves, big jackets and so much snow gear that you couldn't even see their costumes anyway.

A description of the costumes: Jessie was Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place, Jace was a monkey, Joseph was Dan the Bakugan Battle Brawler, and Janie was a "Mad" witch. Every time we'd tell her she looked cute she said, "I'm a MAD witch!"

The bat painted on Joseph's face wasn't a part of his costume it was done at a little carnival at Jessie's school.

The best comment of the night: "Mommy, my feet are cold, my hands are cold, my head is cold, my eyes are cold, my nose is cold, my mouth is cold. All of me is freezing!!!"--Joseph

Monday, September 14, 2009

Recent pics of Jace and Random shots

I just have a few recent pictures of our little man and a couple that I want on the blog so I'll put them all on at once.We had a little picnic at Great Grandma Coe's house while we were in Seattle with cousins Isabella and Joshua.
Jessie and Jace spending some quality time!
A shot of the little guy one day when we went in to eat lunch with Joseph.

Here is Jace sleeping in his bed here at our TLF. His bed looks an awful lot like a bathtub don't you think???? Then when anyone needs to use the facilities they have to walk across the street to the BX! This is definitely an adventure!!
Joseph at his desk on the first day of school. He was so excited!!
This was the day we went in to eat lunch with Joseph in his classroom. They don't have a cafeteria so this was a new experience for us!
We went on a beautiful nature walk at a place here where the cranes migrate and this is what the kids looked like after 1.5 miles of walking. Joseph would've been in there too if there was room!
On our drive up here to Alaska we stopped on the side of the road and wrote our name in the rocks. This was actually on Janie's 3rd birthday!! We had breakfast that morning at the hotel and they brought her a cinnamon roll with a candle in it. Here we are by our name somewhere on the AlCan!

That was a lot of pictures. More to come and hopefully a bit more organized at a later date. We might be moving in to our house this week!!!

Joseph is 7!!

Joseph turned 7 in August, but we just had his party this last weekend. We had such a fun time with some of the kids from his school class. He wanted a bouncy castle for his party so we rented one at the community center and the kids wore themselves out after two hours of bouncing and running around!The bunch sliding down the slide at Playland. I think they all enjoyed themselves.
This is the cake that Joseph wanted. He loves skateboards and thought it would be cool to have them on his cake.Joseph listening as we all sang Happy Birthday. Getting ready to blow out the candle.

After the party we drove out to Fairbanks to do some shopping and three of the four kids fell asleep in the car, which tells me that they really did wear themselves out.

We hope you have a great year as a 7 year old, buddy! We love you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, I figure I had better respond to a tag I received from my sister in law, Maria. I am to write 6 interesting things about me and then tag 6 more people I'd like to learn about. I'm sure Maria's 6 interesting things are way more interesting than mine, but here it goes....

1. I LOVE to sing so much that I've even contemplated trying to make in the the Country world. I'd also LOVE to sing for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir one day.

2. I thoroughly enjoy drinking milk with a few food items in particular. Bacon and milk, Hot Tamales (the candy) and milk, and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with milk are all to die for. Really it is just the creamy milk taste in my throat with the residual bacon, hot tamale, or mint choc.chip ice cream flavor that I can't resist.

3. I am quite in love with working out. I enjoy working up to a race and I actually enjoy running them with friends. It is one thing that really makes me feel ok about myself and a HUGE stress relief for me.

4. I am a total steak and potatoes girl. You place a big juicy steak in front of me and a grilled chicken breast and I'll ALWAYS go for the steak. YUM!!!

5. I have this crazy weird thing that I can't leave my house unless my kids' hair is done, hair bows and all. I have many friends who joke around with me about my girls' hair and how it always has to be done. I can't stand it in their faces.

6. My idea of a great weekend is a good book, puppy chow (a yummy chocolate and peanut butter treat) and good company. Well, maybe a nap would be good too.

Alright, that is all I have for now. For the six people I'd like to tag....there are many really, but here are six of them.

1. Allison Scherer-This way I'll be able to see a new post on your blog:)

2. Michelle Boyd- I know you've done this sort of thing before, but humor me.

3. Lisa Mumford- You are only trying to move, don't you have time for this??????

4. Julie (Andrews) Bahr-Now that you have a blog you get to do bloggy chain letter type things too!

5. Natalie Howard-When you have a good day and are feeling up to it you can do this. Maybe AFTER you have the baby.

6. Jodi (Messina) Alley-You always have so many fabulous secrets up your sleeves:)

Thanks Maria, that was fun. I learned some fun things about you too!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Photos on the Fourth!

Since we all (minus Kurt,he had to leave a few days prior) were in town for the 4th of July we decided to snap a few shots together while at the cabin. The kids looked cute in their little matching outfits. We love the picture of Uncle Cam and the kids together. We LOVED swimming in the lake with all of our cousins and the firework show was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! Way to go Cam and Robb! On the third of July we had all of my cousins and their kids there too. We had 23 kids (20 of them 9ish and under) and 24 adults. It was a huge crowd!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

We're Here!

We made it to Alaska. It was a 6 day drive with the kids. We saw some fabulous wildlife along the way, to include grizzly bears, black bears, moose, stone sheep, buffalo, caribou, and bald eagles. I'll post some pictures of our trip up later. For now, here are some shots from our stay in Seattle.

Jessie and Joseph on the swings with their friend Jacques.
Brotherly love
Always ready for a photo shoot. This one must take after her father!

Janie and Bella after a long day at church. They were raiding the LEGO tent!
Grandpa reading stories to the kids before church!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Trip to Seattle

Well, we've been here in the Seattle area for almost a month now and we are just about ready to get on the road to Alaska. I've been trying to take lots of pictures and thought I should post a few on here. We've been trying to get out and do something fun each day so the kids don't get stir crazy inside. We've spent time at the pool, the zoo, the children's museum, Mt. Rainier, MANY parks, and much more.
I was able to get here to Tacoma just in time to run the Sound to Narrows with a couple of friends. We didn't really run too fast since two of us had 3 month old babies at the time, but we did it, we ran the whole 7.5 miles and it was so much fun!!

We'll update again after we make it to Alaska.
Erica, Tiffany,and I just after the race.

Jace checking out the JC Penney sale.
Uncle Cam surprised us and came home for the Fourth of July. Cam and Janie
Janie and Isabella playing in the sand at Sunnyside Beach.
Joseph at swim lessons
Jessie at swim lessons. When she floats with her face in the water she thinks she is scuba diving. It is pretty comical.

Janie and Bella deciding whether or not to go back into the water at the spray park.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hello T-Ball!!!

So Joseph and Jessie are both playing T-Ball this season and LOVING it!!! Here are just a couple of shots of each of them. I think we actually have some better ones now, but because I know I won't be on here for a little while (with the move and all) I thought I had better post some now. Joseph is really getting quite good at the game and seems to really know what is going on. Jessie is just enjoying hitting, running, chasing EVERY ball and finally getting a chance to play a sport!! It has been TONS of fun going out and watching these guys play. We love cheering for them and their teammates!! We will miss the fun recreation we have enjoyed here, but we are also excited for the new opportunities that await us in the Great White North!!