Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Time!!

For Father's Day we decided to make a special meal for Jeremy. He had been fishing the week prior so I baked up some Halibut for him. I told him that I was showing how much I really loved him because not only did I cook fish IN my house, but I also ate it and didn't fix anything else. Well, the kids and I decided that we'd also grill for him, but this time we thought it would be fun to grill dessert. It turned out quite tasty too!

This is actually an idea I got from the Family Fun magazine and I thought it looked like such a great idea. It was easy and the kids got to do most of it! We love our dad and our grandpas too!!

We've had a bunch of fun this summer. We've had some swimming lessons, Tae Kwon Do camp, and 3 day trip to Valdez where we went on a glacier cruise. We were able to see some breath taking sights and amazing wild life. Those of you who know our family well know that I sometimes bring my camera along but even when I have it, I don't take pictures because Jeremy takes enough for all of us. I'll try and get some of his shots from the cruise and post them soon.

We look forward to more swimming lessons, sports camp, and some camping before school starts again in August.