Friday, February 19, 2010

Janie's Haircut

As most of you well know, Janie has had a hard time sprouting much hair. She just has this chunk in the back that keeps growing while the sides don't seem to at all. Last week Jessie decided that she would fix the situation by cutting Janie's hair for her. She only cut a little piece, but ANY piece on Janie's hair would make a difference. I finally decided to go and get all of it cut to one length. She is very pleased with it and has told everyone for the last two days that she got her hair cut. I think she feels so big now. Our little girl definitely looks like she's growing up!
A view from the back. I thought this was important because this is where the look is dramatically different.A view from the side with her new do. She could still use some more hair, but it looks thicker and even now which is a BIG plus!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

ChristMOOSE and More!

I feel like I'm always trying to catch up on here. Just one shot of the kids on Christmas eve in their pajamas. Joseph is too cool to smile now so this is the best one we could get.
A couple of weeks ago Joseph was walking by the living room window and this is what he saw!!! This was the mama and she was right in the front window, but by the time we got the camera she had moved closer to our broccoli plants and was just outside our front door. As she walked by we looked back and saw her baby coming around the corner of the house and he stopped and hung out in front of the window for a few minutes.

Another random shot comes from a night a while back when the girls and I were making cookies. They always want to eat the dough, lick the batter or whatever right??? Well, I told them not to touch it until I took the bowl away from the KitchenAid and then they could lick the beater. What I meant(and failed to clarify) was that they could use their fingers to get some dough and eat it. I turned around to this instead!!! Where did they learn this???Joseph's class has been doing a big rain forest project. He got to pick an animal from the rain forest, research it, make a 3D model and then present the whole thing to the class. He chose a Piranha. Here is his model. We had a fun time making it. He and Jeremy did most of it, but I did get to help paint the teeth with glow in the dark paint. Last but not least is a short video of the up and coming rock star in our home. As you can see he already has some gorgeous female fans!!!:)