Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Well, I figure I had better respond to a tag I received from my sister in law, Maria. I am to write 6 interesting things about me and then tag 6 more people I'd like to learn about. I'm sure Maria's 6 interesting things are way more interesting than mine, but here it goes....

1. I LOVE to sing so much that I've even contemplated trying to make in the the Country world. I'd also LOVE to sing for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir one day.

2. I thoroughly enjoy drinking milk with a few food items in particular. Bacon and milk, Hot Tamales (the candy) and milk, and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream with milk are all to die for. Really it is just the creamy milk taste in my throat with the residual bacon, hot tamale, or mint choc.chip ice cream flavor that I can't resist.

3. I am quite in love with working out. I enjoy working up to a race and I actually enjoy running them with friends. It is one thing that really makes me feel ok about myself and a HUGE stress relief for me.

4. I am a total steak and potatoes girl. You place a big juicy steak in front of me and a grilled chicken breast and I'll ALWAYS go for the steak. YUM!!!

5. I have this crazy weird thing that I can't leave my house unless my kids' hair is done, hair bows and all. I have many friends who joke around with me about my girls' hair and how it always has to be done. I can't stand it in their faces.

6. My idea of a great weekend is a good book, puppy chow (a yummy chocolate and peanut butter treat) and good company. Well, maybe a nap would be good too.

Alright, that is all I have for now. For the six people I'd like to tag....there are many really, but here are six of them.

1. Allison Scherer-This way I'll be able to see a new post on your blog:)

2. Michelle Boyd- I know you've done this sort of thing before, but humor me.

3. Lisa Mumford- You are only trying to move, don't you have time for this??????

4. Julie (Andrews) Bahr-Now that you have a blog you get to do bloggy chain letter type things too!

5. Natalie Howard-When you have a good day and are feeling up to it you can do this. Maybe AFTER you have the baby.

6. Jodi (Messina) Alley-You always have so many fabulous secrets up your sleeves:)

Thanks Maria, that was fun. I learned some fun things about you too!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Photos on the Fourth!

Since we all (minus Kurt,he had to leave a few days prior) were in town for the 4th of July we decided to snap a few shots together while at the cabin. The kids looked cute in their little matching outfits. We love the picture of Uncle Cam and the kids together. We LOVED swimming in the lake with all of our cousins and the firework show was OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! Way to go Cam and Robb! On the third of July we had all of my cousins and their kids there too. We had 23 kids (20 of them 9ish and under) and 24 adults. It was a huge crowd!!