Friday, May 15, 2009

Mini Fair

For any of you who have ever been to the Puyallup Fair this is our itty bitty version of that here. Once a year this little traveling fair comes to town and it is a MUST on our list of things to do. Here are couple of photos of the kids enjoying some rides.
This was Janie's first roller coaster ride. I was freaking out. You can see Joseph's arm around her. I told him no matter what happened to keep his arm around her and NOT let go!
This was always one of my favorite rides. The lady who was riding just a couple of chairs behind Joseph was very sick and just kept throwing up. I hoped it wouldn't fly over and land on him. GROSS!!!!
Jessica thinks she is getting a Dalmation. She absolutley LOVES them. Luckily enough there was one on the Merry Go Round and she got to ride it. Here she is giving him a little TLC!

Soccer Season

Joseph has had a great soccer season this year. He is the biggest one on his team and has quite a boot on him!! Once he kicked the ball from out of bounds at one end of the field all the way into the goal at the other end of the field. We were all pretty excited to watch that ball go in the net!

It has been quite a windy, rainy, cold soccer season so the kids and I have spent much of our time in the van while Joseph has weathered the game alone. I told him one night that I had to stay in the car with Jace because he was just too little to be out in the weather, but I'd still be cheering for him. He said, "that's ok mommy, I know that even if I can't hear you, you are still cheering for me." I thought it was such a cute comment and a great teaching moment. We need to remember that even though we can't always hear our Father in Heaven, He is still always cheering us on out there on our playing field.

Stay tuned for T-Ball!