Monday, September 14, 2009

Recent pics of Jace and Random shots

I just have a few recent pictures of our little man and a couple that I want on the blog so I'll put them all on at once.We had a little picnic at Great Grandma Coe's house while we were in Seattle with cousins Isabella and Joshua.
Jessie and Jace spending some quality time!
A shot of the little guy one day when we went in to eat lunch with Joseph.

Here is Jace sleeping in his bed here at our TLF. His bed looks an awful lot like a bathtub don't you think???? Then when anyone needs to use the facilities they have to walk across the street to the BX! This is definitely an adventure!!
Joseph at his desk on the first day of school. He was so excited!!
This was the day we went in to eat lunch with Joseph in his classroom. They don't have a cafeteria so this was a new experience for us!
We went on a beautiful nature walk at a place here where the cranes migrate and this is what the kids looked like after 1.5 miles of walking. Joseph would've been in there too if there was room!
On our drive up here to Alaska we stopped on the side of the road and wrote our name in the rocks. This was actually on Janie's 3rd birthday!! We had breakfast that morning at the hotel and they brought her a cinnamon roll with a candle in it. Here we are by our name somewhere on the AlCan!

That was a lot of pictures. More to come and hopefully a bit more organized at a later date. We might be moving in to our house this week!!!

Joseph is 7!!

Joseph turned 7 in August, but we just had his party this last weekend. We had such a fun time with some of the kids from his school class. He wanted a bouncy castle for his party so we rented one at the community center and the kids wore themselves out after two hours of bouncing and running around!The bunch sliding down the slide at Playland. I think they all enjoyed themselves.
This is the cake that Joseph wanted. He loves skateboards and thought it would be cool to have them on his cake.Joseph listening as we all sang Happy Birthday. Getting ready to blow out the candle.

After the party we drove out to Fairbanks to do some shopping and three of the four kids fell asleep in the car, which tells me that they really did wear themselves out.

We hope you have a great year as a 7 year old, buddy! We love you!