Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swimming Anyone?

We decided to get the kids a little pool because they want to swim everyday and I already take them to the pool in the evenings for swimming lessons. This way they can play in the pool during the day and go to the BIG pool at night. Here are just a few shots of the kids the first day playing in their new pool.

Wow! I sure am glad that Jessie's goggles match her hairbow!! I guess when most girl things are pink that isn't too hard to arrange. Who wears goggles in a kiddie pool anyway? Oh, that's right, we do!!Big brothers DON'T lose!! She got him so now he is going to get both of them! What would we do without a brother????

Just a short clip of some fun in the sun!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bum Biting!

Janie is our only child that seems to think that biting is ok. She doesn't do it very often and not even when she is mad, just at random. So, we were sitting reading scriptures the other night and Jessie was laying on her tummy on the floor. She and Janie kind of started goofing around and Janie eventually ended up laying across her. Well, Jessie started SCREAMING and I realized that Janie had bit her right on the bottom! Janie is very sweet though and she always says "forry" (sorry) when she hurts you. I pulled Jessie's pants down a little so I could see the damage Janie had left. I said to Janie, "You gave Jessie an owie, come see." She came over to see Jessie's owie and I asked her, "What do you say to Jessie?" I fully expected her to say, "forry," but instead she said, "Poo, Poo?" I guess she said the first thing she thinks of when looking at a bare bottom!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Jessie's Jammie Day at School

On Jessie's last day of school the kids and their teachers all wore their pajamas. They got to wear their slippers and take their favorite stuffed animal with them. They read the book, "Llama Llama Red Pajama" and had all red foods for their snack time. The parents were invited to go for snack and story time and a little awards ceremony.
Here is a picture of Jessie's class during singing time. They all look so cute in their pajamas.

Jessie wanted to wear some really hot pajamas that she got for Christmas, but since they went missing in our move I told her we'd buy her some new ones for her special day at school. There were sooooo many cute pajamas to choose from, but she picked Curious George, not that he isn't cute, but......
This is a close up of snack. There was red jell-o, watermelon, apples, strawberries, red rice krispie treats, cherry tomatoes, and red juice. WOW!!! The rice krispie treat...GONE, the tomato....TRASH!! I couldn't have predicted that one!Here is Jessie with her teacher receiving her preschool diploma. The teachers made each child a darling scrapbook page with photos from different events throughout the year.

If you look in Jessie's hand you'll see that she is holding her stuffed animal. It is a stuffed pig (that is Janie's) with a belt fastened around it's neck. Poor pig! Jessie wants a pet so badly that she has to pretend that her belt is a leash!
What a fun day and a great end to the school year!!!