Sunday, November 28, 2010

Goodbye Daddy

Today we drove out to base on crazy ice covered roads to say goodbye to our Dad who is heading out for a little while. The kids were great and LOVED doing crafts, getting sack lunches, coloring books and a hundred other little things that I stuffed in my pockets and diaper bag.

Here is a cute picture that I took just before we pulled away from his squadron. Little 'J' is always happy with a bag of cheetos. That bag got us almost all the way home and we were driving slow too!We love you Daddy and miss you already. See you next year:) (meaning January of 2011)

Oh, I promise Joseph's shirt was clean when he put it on....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Latest Happenings

A few recent pics from completely unrelated events!!!Here is the littlest 'J' posing for a picture! He won out and got to keep that crazy binki in his mouth.Some friends of our hosted a Murder Mystery Dinner that was tons of fun. Here we are in costume just before the whole thing started. What did I learn??? Well, other than who committed the crime, I learned that I REALLY need to brush up on my Swedish accent!The latest craft of the fall holiday. This was easy, fun and it looks cute too! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE fall!!!!We've had freezing rain for the last two days so Fairbanks is a gigantic sheet of ice. What does that mean? It means NO SCHOOL and SNOWMEN!!! The snow is usually too dry and powdery to even make a snowball, but with all of the rain we have WET snow!!!! YAY for snowmen! On top of that, it has been warmer(hence the rain and not snow) so we could stay outside for hours and not get cold!!!!Daddy and the kiddos posing with our snow creation. He is just a few inches taller than Jeremy, the biggest snowman either one of us has ever made:) It was so much fun too! Of course we had a few snowball fights during the building of this guy and lots of running around in the snow. Janie could barely run in it without falling down because it was up to her thighs. Such fun for the kids to play outside.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween Time

I have got to get these Halloween pictures up before Thanksgiving! We were lucky enough to have Jeremy home for Family Home Evening the week of Halloween so we were able to carve our pumpkins together. The fun thing for us this year is that two of our pumpkins came from our very own garden!! Yay for long summer days!!
Jace was hilarious. He kept scooping up everything that Jessie had put into the bowl and dumped it all back into her pumpkin!Halloween costumes this year were a little odd. Jessie was going to be a doctor and Joseph a Ninja. The day before they both changed their minds. Joseph wanted to be a cowboy and Jessie wanted to be a hiker? Who wants to be a hiker???? Anyway, makeshift costumes from what we had in the house already was this year's theme!Since Halloween fell on a Sunday we decided to celebrate a little differently. We had a special Halloween dinner. We ate bugs in a blanket, Jack 0 Lanterns, bones, and gremlins for dessert, all with some slime to wash it down. The kids had fun wrapping up the bugs and cutting out the Jack O Lanterns too:)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My life seems very busy to me. I think about updating this blog often, but I have just been trying hard to be vigilant in other areas. Here is my attempt to catch up. Just some of my favorite pictures since July. We've had three birthdays. Janie turned 4 in July, Joseph turned 8 in August and Jessie turned 6 in October. I guess I'd better get started.
We had Janie's b-day party at the park and it was a PERFECT day!! Such easy clean up too!
Don't be fooled by Janie in this picture. These are the cupcakes Joseph requested for his birthday. Janie was just modeling because the birthday boy was at school!
For Jessie's birthday she asked if she could have caramel popcorn instead of cupcakes at school. She decided that cupcakes were too messy. Her teacher was grateful too:) Jessie was so excited to have Janie and Jace there to celebrate!
We had a swimming party for Jessie on her b-day and then her friends came over after for cake and presents. These are her closest friends here. She LOVES to spend time with them!!
This was taken one Sunday before church. I thought my boys looked so handsome. I love Jace and all of his girly sippy cups.

We spent as much time as possible outside over the summer. Here we are doing our weekly marshmallow roast. I look at this picture and can't believe how blessed I am to have such a sweet family.

Next to come will be our Halloween post! Stay Tuned....