Friday, March 19, 2010


We had a warm day the other day and the girls wanted to go out and play in the snow. I thought that Jace would probably enjoy it too so we got him all bundled up and he had the time of his life. When I brought him in after about 30 minutes he screamed and screamed and screamed because he was so upset. This kid loves to be outside!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taekwon-Do Tournament

February was a busy month with Taekwon-do. The kids participated in the Top of the World tournament and they each tested for their next belt color. Here are a few pictures from the tournament.Jessie really wanted to do this tournament even though she had only been in Taekwon-do for a month. We figured it couldn't hurt. She participated in patterns and did one of the only two she knows. It was so cute watching the little kids.
Here she is doing her pattern.
She came in third place and you'd think she had won the grand prize!!! She was absolutely elated! I LOVED watching her eyes light up when she got her medal and trophy.
Here is our girl displaying her awards. Look at that sweet happy face!!

Joseph participated in a couple of different events, but did excellent in sparring. Here he is all geared up for his competition.He sparred with two different kids and won both of them. They don't kick or hit hard, but they get points when they kick, hit, punch, etc.. they can only kick above the belt and in certain areas on the head. Joseph got a pretty good punch in his nose, which is against the rules, but he just kind of turned his head when the kid went to knock him there. It is pretty cool to watch.
The boys look so silly in this picture because they still have their mouthpieces in their mouths. They were all pretty happy to be standing there with their trophies.
Way to go Joseph!!!!

Anyway, the kids worked hard and we were thrilled with their performance at the tournament. It was a good and fun experience for both of them!!