Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Time!

We had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving. We watched the Macey Day Parade, we cooked, we played, we had friends over for WAY TOO MUCH food, we went sledding and we had a fun relaxing evening together as a family. Here are some photos of our evening together.

Grandma B. sent us a fun recipe for Pilgrim hats so we spent some time making these delicious little treats to start our evening off just right.

Here is a shot of the kids at the half way point on our hats.
For entertainment while we waited for the chocolate to harden we video taped the kids singing songs. This is one of their songs. While we DEFINITELY do NOT proclaim to be the Osmonds or the Vontrapp Family Singers we sure had fun performing!!

And finally... the finished product!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catch Up!

I never even posted anything about Jessie's 5th birthday! Poor Jessie. She actually is the ONLY one that had three parties this year so it isn't all sad. We had a family party a week before her birthday because Jeremy was gone on her actual birthday. We celebrated again on her birthday and she had a party with her friends after Jeremy got back into town.
Jessie got exactly what she wanted for her birthday, a dalmatian (even though it isn't real) and the Hannah Montana cd. She danced with the high school cheer leaders to a song on the cd and she wanted it sooo bad. I think the kids listened and danced to that song 10 times that night.

Here is Jessie wearing the new ski goggles Jeremy bought for her. Could she be any closer to the TV? I don't know what the kids will do when we actually get the TV up off of the ground!I think she stayed there like that for about 15 minutes. She had some nice goggle impressions when she did finally take them off:)
When your kids are in the bathroom for a long time and you're not sure why...they could be wrapping each other with toilet paper to make mummies! Jessie came running downstairs and told me to bring the camera because she had made Janie a "mommy!" When I saw her I just had to laugh. She was wrapped more than this, but by the time I snapped the shot she had lost some of her rags!Joseph stuck this bunny in Jace's jacket tonight to entertain him while we were eating dinner and asked me to take a picture. Jace was quite happy with that bunny there. I had a hard time getting a picture because he was jumping around like a crazy man!I don't know how I got them both to smile so big at the same time, but I am in LOVE with those two little toothless grins!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

This is Janie's favorite song of late. We have to sing it every night before we go to bed.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We experienced our first COLD Halloween ever!! We took the kids trick or treating in the car. We'd drive up to a house, jump out, knock, get our candy, and run back to the car and drive to the next house. It was quite a site to see that everyone else was doing the same thing. We'd drive up to a house and three cars behind us would stop at the same house. A whole crowd of kids would all go up to the house at the same time. I have never been trick or treating when it was just 3 degrees, but now I can say it wasn't too bad. We only visited about 10 houses, but the kids had fun anyway. I think next year we will dress up as Eskimos. The kids had hats, gloves, big jackets and so much snow gear that you couldn't even see their costumes anyway.

A description of the costumes: Jessie was Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place, Jace was a monkey, Joseph was Dan the Bakugan Battle Brawler, and Janie was a "Mad" witch. Every time we'd tell her she looked cute she said, "I'm a MAD witch!"

The bat painted on Joseph's face wasn't a part of his costume it was done at a little carnival at Jessie's school.

The best comment of the night: "Mommy, my feet are cold, my hands are cold, my head is cold, my eyes are cold, my nose is cold, my mouth is cold. All of me is freezing!!!"--Joseph