Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little More Summer

We had 28 tons of rock delivered to our driveway and spent MANY hours spreading it. The kids were lucky enough to be invited to the neighbors for a few hours which made our work a bit faster. Jace stayed with us and helped every minute. He threw rocks, fell in rocks, and ate rocks!! He loved everything about it. Definitely a boy!!!The only picture from swimming lessons that really turned out was this one. This little guy really is a trooper. He sat in that stroller for two hours every day for two weeks straight. We HAD to find things that would entertain him!The kids have also enjoyed jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath for a quick cool down. We haven't really had that many HOT days, but yesterday was beautiful so we turned the water on and let them play.Jace didn't love it as much as we though he would.What he does love though is his little slide. He would play on that for hours and hours and have the time of his life. What a sweet little man.
After the trampoline I tried to see if Jace would like just the sprinkler, but he really didn't even want anything to do with it. Janie had a blast and didn't care how cold the water was at all!It has been a fun summer. The kids participated in a reading program and just got their free books yesterday. We woke up this morning to a big moose trying to eat our radishes out of our garden. No picture though because Jeremy chased him away. SAVE THE RADISHES!!!! Too bad I didn't get a picture of him chasing the moose away. It was a pretty funny:) He came home just in time. I haven't had one moose in the garden the whole time he has been gone and now just hours after being home one shows up. Welcome home hon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th!!!!!

Today is my FAVORITE holiday!!! The kids and I have been trying to do some fun things to celebrate Independence Day here in North Pole where the sun never goes down and we won't get to see fireworks. We have been hearing fireworks today which has been fun, but for some reason it just isn't the same for a family who is used to having a HUGE celebration with a massive firework show over the lake at the cabin each year.We went to a little parade they had in town with a bunch of friends from the ward. The kids got lots of candy and enjoyed waving their flags around.
We made some "Fourth of July Guys." My mom and sister came up with this little crafty fellow and so we decided to follow suit and join in on the fun. Joseph and Jessie LOVED making them. Joseph actually made his and Janie's while she napped. They turned out cute and the kids enjoyed waking up to them this morning.Oh how I just want to kiss those sweet faces!!!! I love, love, love how Janie's fingers are touching Jace's arm and how his chubby little hand is resting on her lap. It just makes my heart melt!We didn't do Easter outfits this year so we did patriotic instead! Wow! All four kids smiling and looking the same direction at the same time. What a wonderful day!! We came home from church and drank sprite with red ice stars (out of crystal goblets too:)!