Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little J is TWO!!!!

I can't believe how fast the last two years have gone. Our little guy just turned two yesterday!! He still manages to make us laugh every single day. Although he is definitely beginning to act more like a two year old he is still such a fun, sweet little man!

I don't know why we just did videos yesterday, but we did so here they are. I guess this is one of those posts for the grandparents. Grandmas and Grandpas, enjoy!!

It was a great day with the little guy and he was so happy. I think he sang Happy Birthday to himself about 6 times. Even this morning he saw some left over cupcakes and looked at me and said, "Happy birthday to you?"

We love you Jacey Boy!


Michelle said...

Oh he is so cute!! I love how he got excited about his presents. He is so big. We did remember that it was his birthday, sorry we didn't call. This week has been crazy! Happy Birthday Jace!

Natalie said...

I was in shock when I read that he turned 2! I totally remember coming to see you in the hospital when he was born. He is soooo adorable! Happy Birthday, Jace!

Mommy of 8 said...

We just saw you on Glenn Beck! Wow it's been a long time! You have a beautiful voice, so nice to see you again! Sloane and I are huge fans of Glenn Beck, we are planning on going to Texas with all eight of our children, even though we have little ones, we want all of them to experience this neat opportunity to serve. Hope all is well with you and your family. Good to see you again.