Monday, February 14, 2011

January in a Nutshell

Just an update on our January happenings. The kids spent time outside sledding. We had a few warmer days so we took the chance to go out!

Joseph got this marble maze for Christmas so he and I built it, which was lots of fun.
We have a lady we know here who paints faces and offered to paint the kids so she could practice. This is Joseph's dragon.

We played lots of games that the kids got for Christmas. This one is Hoopla. It is a crack up:)
Jessie's goldfish face.

I don't know exactly what this is, but Janie thought it looked Princess-y so she chose it!
Janie modeling the Valentine's Day candy necklace she made for her teacher (in Feb. NOT Jan.)
The Jaceman sledding.
We thought we'd try a new do to match the Jack O Lantern Jammies.
I love those little teeth:)


Jodi said...

Jace is soooo stinkin cute! Love the face paint, the goldfish is awesome!

Sue Boyd said...

We LOVE it . . . can't get enough of those cute kids!!! Love to you all . . .

Heather K said...

The kids are so stinkin' cute! Glad they are loving life :)

Bunch of Brooks' said...

You DO have such cute kids Makell!! Looks like you're living in a frigid place (of course, it's me saying that coming from Phoenix!), but having fun with all the snow, snow, SNOW!!!